Costco K Cups: Bulk Pricing and More

With warehouse club stores located throughout the world (currently in eight countries), Costco is one of the top retailers of K Cups.

Despite the fact that the company has been in existence for more than 40 years, it only recently became known as one of the better places to shop for coffee related products.

You’re not alone if you’re interested in purchasing Costco K Cups. While you have many other options – such as shopping online via Amazon – there are several reasons why millions of consumers turn to their local warehouse to find what they’re looking for.

Costco isn’t the right choice for every consumer, but here are a few reasons why its popularity continues to soar:

K Cups from Costco are Cheap

Many consumers run into the same problem time and time again: they find a product they enjoy, but the price means they are unable to purchase it as often as they would like.

This isn’t nearly as big a concern when you shop at Costco.

Just the same as all its products, every K Cup box is priced to sell. This doesn’t mean the store is giving them away, but you shouldn’t hesitate to compare prices to other outlets (both online and locally).

We’ll make it easy for you: if you’re shopping for any type of coffee product, you should at least see what type of deal you can get at Costco.

Buy Costco Bulk K Cups

There is nothing worse than the thought of visiting the store every week to pick up another box of K Cups. While some people find this enjoyable, you probably don’t have the time in your schedule.

Note: this is why so many people opt for “Subscribe & Save” through Amazon.

With the ability to buy bulk K Cups from Costco, you can load up on enough coffee to get you through several months (or even longer).

Depending on the product, you’ll come across quantities including:

  • 240 count
  • 180 count
  • 160 count
  • 144 count
  • 128 count

Can you imagine buying a 240 count? Even if you drink a couple cups of coffee a day, it’s enough to last you four months.

When you combine the convenience of a high count with bulk pricing, you have something that will really get you excited.

A Robust Selection

It’s true that Costco only stocks so many products. This is how the chain is able to keep its prices down. Even with this approach, its K Cup selection is second to none.

Tip: you’ll have access to more products if you shop online, as opposed to your local warehouse.

Here is a list of some of the best Costco K Cups:

  • Kirkland Breakfast Blend
  • Kirkland Pacific Bold
  • Kirkland House Decaf
  • Starbucks Caffe Verona
  • Starbucks Pike Place
  • Starbucks Veranda
  • Green Mountain Coffee Variety Pack
  • Newman’s Own Decaf Special Blend
  • Tully’s Italian Roast
  • Green Mountain Coffee Nantucket

Note: as mentioned above, some or all of these products may not be available at local stores. If you want to gain access to the largest selection, you should shop online.

Kirkland K Cups

Costco Kirkland K CupsIf you’re a fan of Costco, you already know that its “Kirkland Signature” brand is well known for three things: price, value, and quality.

Even if you have a favorite K Cup company – many people love Dunkin Donuts, for instance – you shouldn’t hesitate to give the Kirkland products a try.

As with all Kirkland products, you get something that is comparable to the name brands, all at a more affordable price.

Here’s one of our favorites: Kirkland Signature Pacific Bold Coffee 240 K-Cup Pods.

At approximately $84.99/box (at the time of publishing this), the per unit cost is approximately $0.36. If you compare that price to similar products, you’ll see just how affordable it is.

A few other things that we love about the Pacific Bold blend include:

  • Dark roast coffee, extra bold flavor
  • The use of 100% Arabica coffee
  • Fair Trade Certified

While this is a good choice, don’t sell yourself short. We suggest that you learn more about all the Kirkland K Cups, as that’s the only way to understand which ones will work for your tastes and budget.

Keep an Open Eye: Things Change Fast

Experienced Costco shoppers know that things change fast. One day you’ll come across a K Cup deal that knocks your socks off. The next day you’ll head back to the store and it’s nowhere to be found.

With things changing fast, especially in its land based stores, you need to be willing and able to make a purchase when you find a killer deal.

This doesn’t mean you should go crazy and buy anything that piques your interest, but you should definitely be ready to take action.

Final Word

The only bad thing about Costco K Cups is that you have to be a member to shop at a local store or online.

While an annual membership will set you back either $60 (Gold Star) or $120 (Gold Star Executive), you’ll more than make up for this with the ability to buy in bulk at a lower per unit price.

For many consumers, Costco is the only way to go when buying K Cups.