Try Iced Coffee K Cups for a Unique Experience

When you first come across iced coffee K Cups, we don’t blame you if you’re a bit skeptical.

Something doesn’t add up. The words “ice” and “coffee” simply don’t go together.

But just the same as decaf K Cups, there’s something special about this unique product. It often takes a few sips to realize what you’ve been missing, but once it touches your lips you’ll be hooked forever.

Why Give it a Try?

As curious as you may be, it’s only natural to have questions about why you should make this purchase.

Even though everyone has their own unique tastes, there are some mainstream benefits of the many iced coffee K Cup products that are making their way to the market. Let’s take a closer look at these:

  • The convenience of the Keurig K Cup system, ensuring that you get the taste you want without wasting any time
  • A cool flavor that’s perfect to drink at any time of the day (and every month of the year)
  • A one of a kind experience that will have you begging for more

We don’t want to go overboard in talking up the benefits, but we do want you to understand that these are a game changer.

The Process

Unlike more traditional K Cup coffee, there are some special instructions to follow when preparing this beverage.

Starbucks was kind enough to share its suggestions, noting that you take the following steps:

  • Add the desired amount of ice to the top of a 16 ounce cup
  • Place the cup on the drip tray
  • Choose either the six ounce or eight ounce option
  • Wait for your drink to be poured

It really is that simple. Once you do this one time, you’ll know exactly which steps to take in the future.

Starbucks Iced Coffee K Cups: A Huge Hit

Just the same as every product in this space, you will find a variety of companies attempting to win your business.

While there are many players to consider, we’re only going to talk about one here: Starbucks.

The coffee giant has made a name for itself with its iced coffee flavors, with consumers flocking to their local store to get their fill.

If you’d rather enjoy your drink at home, shop on Amazon for your favorite Starbucks iced coffee K Cups.

Tip: check out this article for information on why Amazon is the top online store for everything coffee related.

You’re not going to find a huge selection of iced coffee K Cups, especially if you limit yourself to one company. But here’s the good thing: Starbucks has two products with a distinct taste.

Starbucks Sweetened Iced Coffee K CupsOur favorite is the sweetened ice coffee, which was specifically created to brew over ice for that cool taste you’ve been craving.

Thanks to flavored Arabica soluble coffee plus sugar, this drink is smooth and refreshing.

Tip: while we enjoy this drink just as much as the next person on a hot summer day, don’t forget that it’s the perfect treat for those cold winter mornings (and evenings). Trust us, it tastes good no matter the time of the year.

Your other option is the vanilla sweetened ice coffee. As the name suggests, it comes with a sweet vanilla kick that’s unlike anything else we’ve come across.

Starbucks Vanilla Iced Coffee K CupsIt may take some getting used to, but do your best to really enjoy every drink. If you’re a big fan of vanilla, we’re confident you’ll enjoy this K Cup.

We don’t want you to stop visiting your local Starbucks for your favorite cold beverage, but we hope you’ll give one of these a try from the comfort of your home. The ice, combined with cane sugar and maybe a touch of vanilla, will have you hoping your cup lasts forever.

How to Find the Best Deal

With the demand for iced coffee on the rise, a growing number of companies in the coffee industry are taking notice. They know that consumers are moving towards this unique blend, and are hoping to grab a piece of the pie in the years to come.

Generally speaking, there are three ways to purchase iced coffee K Cups:

  • Online (such as Amazon)
  • At a local store (such as Costco, Sam’s Club, or Wal-Mart)
  • At your favorite coffee shop (most likely Starbucks)

All three of these options have pros and cons.

With online shopping, you’re sure to have access to the largest selection at the lowest price. As long as you’re okay with waiting for your order to arrive (which can be as quick as a day or two), this is the way to go.

Shopping locally is all about one thing: getting your hands on the item right away. So, if you’re craving a cool cup of iced coffee and you’re all out of K Cups, you may need to consider this option.

Finally, your local coffee shop may be able to help you out, especially if you’re visiting Starbucks. Buying direct typically gives you access to the company’s entire line, while also providing peace of mind in regards to quality.

We’re Fans of the Iced Coffee K Cup Craze

We’re no different than most consumers. There are things we like and things we don’t enjoy nearly as much.

When it comes to iced coffee K Cups, we can’t say enough good things. As the market continues to grow, it will be amazing to see what new flavors are made available.