Tim Hortons K Cups: Overlooked but Still a Good Choice

With so many big names in the coffee industry, it can be difficult for a company to gain market share. While Tim Hortons K Cups may not be as popular as those from better-known brands, such as Folgers, these are well worth your consideration.

Before we discuss its many K Cup products, among a variety of other details, it’s important to get a better feel for the Tim Hortons brand as a whole.

Here are a few details that provide a solid overview of the company:

  • Founded by Tim Horton in 1964
  • Approximately 4,600 worldwide locations (as of December 2016)
  • Annual revenue of approximately $3 billion (for 2016)

In addition to coffee, Tim Hortons also sells a variety of other beverages, along with a nice selection of food.

These details don’t have anything to do with its K Cups, but they go a long way in showing that the company is on stable ground.

Enjoy the Selection at Home

Much the same as every company in the K Cup space, Tim Hortons provides a variety of flavors to those who want to brew a cup of their favorite coffee at home.

In the early days of the company, the product selection was slim. This was the way of the industry 50+ years ago. Now, however, in order to compete, companies need to give consumers more options.

When you buy Tim Hortons K Cups, you can be rest assured that it will taste almost the same (if not identical) as what you get in the store. The reason for this is simple: the signature flavor (regardless of which one) comes from the company’s unique blend of 100 percent Arabica beans.

Note: Tim Hortons offers both traditional caffeinated K Cups, as well as decaf products. It’s not our job to tell you what you will and won’t like, but we’ve found its decaf to be among the best in the industry in terms of flavor.

Tim Hortons K Cups on Amazon

With many brands, you can buy directly from their website or a local store.

With Tim Hortons, the process is a bit different. While you may be able to find your favorite product at one of its 4,600 stores, your best bet (in our opinion) is shopping on Amazon.

Here’s why: the company itself sells online through Amazon. That’s good enough for us!

If you’re ready to buy, we can give you a better idea of which K Cups are most popular:

Tim Hortons Single Serve, Original Blend

Tim Hortons Original Blend K CupsWith more than 2,000 nearly perfect reviews, you can be confident if you decide to make this purchase.

The original blend may not sound exciting, but it’s the perfect choice if you’re looking for a flavor that can suit your needs day after day (morning, noon, and night).

As a medium roast coffee made with the company’s famous 100 percent Arabica bean blend, we can see why it’s become such a big hit among coffee drinkers.

It’s just our opinion, but we consider this one of the better mainstream K Cups on the market today.

Tim Hortons Single Serve, Dark Roast

Tim Hortons Dark Roast K CupsIf medium roast isn’t your thing – maybe because you’re looking for something with a bit more punch – you’ll want to consider Tim Hortons Dark Roast K Cups.

It’s not as popular as the Original Blend, but it does have a nice following.

If you want bold, rich flavor, all without giving up Tim Hortons signature taste, you need to give this one a try.

Tim Hortons Decaf K Cups

Tim Hortons Decaf K CupsThere is no shame in drinking decaffeinated coffee. This is a great way to enjoy the taste you’ve come to love, all without the pick me up.

Tim Hortons decaf K Cups are also made of a unique blend of Arabica beans, helping provide the same great taste as its medium roast, with none of the caffeine.

It’s hard to fully appreciate this product until you give it a try. Do yourself a favor and setup a taste test between this K Cup and Tim Hortons Original Blend. Don’t be surprised if you can’t really tell the difference.

Save Money with an 80 Count

There are many ways to save money on K Cups, including shopping online, comparing prices at local stores, and scouring the internet for coupons.

Another idea to consider is buying in bulk. And no, this doesn’t mean you have to travel to your local Costco or Sam’s Club to make a purchase. You can complete the transaction online.

An 80 count allows you to drive down the price per unit, which is perfect if you know that a particular product is right for you.

Tip: if you’ve yet to experience this brand and/or a particular flavor, you may not want to dive right in with an 80 count. Instead, purchase the smallest batch available to see if you like it. If you do, you can then shop with price in mind.

The Tim Hortons K Cup Experience

Some people feel that the K Cup experience is pretty much the same from one brand to the next. This definitely isn’t the case, which can be seen when you compare the many Tim Hortons products to the competition.

Tim Hortons K Cups may never be as popular as those from bigger name companies, but the experience is always pleasant.