Walmart K Cups: A Coffee Drinker’s Dream

When the first Walmart store opened in 1962, the coffee industry was nothing like what you see today.

Fast forward to the here and now and K Cups are all the rage. With Walmart one of the top sellers of these products, you’ll want to consider the many benefits of buying at a local store or online.

Note: with approximately 5,000 stores scattered throughout the United States, most consumers have access to at least one local Walmart.

Although Walmart isn’t the only retail chain that sells K Cups (Costco, for example, is another major player), it’s become one of the better outlets for consumers over the past five or so years.

Some people don’t need to learn anything more about Walmart K Cups to realize that this is the right place to make a purchase. Others, however, could use a push in the right direction. These are the consumers who have shopped elsewhere in the past, but are looking to make a change in the future.

Reasons to Buy K Cups at Walmart

Just the same as every store (both land based and online) that sells K Cup products, there are several reasons why Walmart is the top choice among millions of people.

For the sake of this guide, we’re going to examine the three top reasons for its popularity:

1. Cheap Prices

It’s difficult to fully understand just how cheap Walmart K Cups truly are until you compare the prices to the competition.

Depending on the product you’re interested in, Walmart prices are typically on par with those from Amazon (which is saying a lot).

The only thing we don’t like is the small quantity of most boxes, which is the exact opposite of what you get when you shop at a warehouse club, such as Costco.

For example, one of its most popular products is The Original Donut Shop Keurig Hot Regular Medium Roast Coffee K Cups (learn more about this product here).

While it’s a top seller, you only get an 18 count for roughly $11. Yes, this is a super low price, but if you drink a lot of coffee it’s not going to last you long.

2. Nice Selection

Walmart K Cups selectionIt doesn’t matter if you’re shopping in person or online, selection is a big deal when buying K Cups. If you don’t have access to a large product library, it’s easy to make the wrong purchase – and that’s not a risk you should be willing to take.

Regardless of what you’re shopping for, Walmart never comes up short in the selection department. Some of its many K Cups come from big name brands like:

  • The Original Donut Shop
  • Green Mountain Coffee
  • Gloria Jean’s
  • Donut House
  • Café Escapes
  • Newman’s Own
  • Van Houtte
  • Tully’s
  • Starbucks

You get the point. You don’t have to worry about access to a large selection when you visit your local Walmart or shop via its online store. Either way, there are products available from all the top brands.

3. Convenience

There are many benefits of K Cups, including the fact that they are super convenient. This is just one of the many reasons why millions of people turn to these every morning of their life.

Convenience should also come into play when shopping for this type of coffee. You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to find what you’re looking for.

Walmart makes sure this is never the case. It’s convenient to buy from this retail store for several reasons:

  • There are thousands upon thousands of stores throughout the world
  • You can purchase online and have your order shipped directly to your home
  • You can buy online and opt for in-store pickup

Let’s put it this way: Wally World is all about making life easier on consumers. The convenience factor alone – not even taking into consideration price and selection – may be enough for you to give this store your business.

Our Final Opinion on Walmart K Cups

We urge all of our readers to do their own homework when shopping for K Cups. Only you know what you’re looking for, how much you can spend, and which store best suits your style.

But we will say this: Walmart K Cups are popular for a reason. The cheap prices, large selection, and convenience may be the combination you need to give this store a try.